祝老师桃李满天下,一切都好。I wish the teacher Tao Li full of the world, everything is fine.

  敬爱的老师,您的谆谆教诲如春风,似瑞雨,永铭我心!Dear teacher, your martyrdom is like a spring breeze, like Ruiyu, forever my heart!
  心血育桃李,辛勤扶栋梁。节日快乐,敬爱的老师!Heart and blood, peaches and plums, hard work and support. Happy holidays, dear teachers!
  祝福是真心意,不用千言,不用万语,默默唱着心曲,祝教师节日快乐!Blessing is true, no need to speak a thousand words, no words, silently singing the heart, I wish the teachers a happy holiday!
  恩师永铭记,师恩久难弃。祝天下老师快乐开心!幸福永远!The teacher is always impressed, and the teacher is for a long time. I wish the teachers in the world happy and happy! Happiness forever!
  老师,你用心点亮了我的心,以爱培育了我的爱,有你,我才感觉到世界的温暖!Teacher, you have lighted my heart with your heart, and have nurtured my love with love. With you, I feel the warmth of the world!
  教诲如春风,师恩似海深,桃李满天下,春晖遍四方!Teaching is like a spring breeze, the teacher is like a deep sea, the peaches and plums are all over the world, and Chunhui is everywhere!
  老师,您启迪我真正领会了大自然的恩惠,从此我读懂了每一瓣绿叶,每一片彩云,每一个浪花。Teacher, you enlighten me to truly appreciate the grace of nature. From then on, I read every leaf green, every cloud, every wave.
  敬爱的老师,素白的雪,是您的象征;献上为您编织的神圣光环,祝福您岁岁愉快,年年如意!Dear teacher, plain snow, is your symbol; offer a sacred aura that weave for you, wish you a happy year, year after year!
  学而不厌,诲人不倦,桃李芬芳,其乐亦融融.祝福您,节日愉快!I don’t want to learn, I’m tireless, I’m so sweet, I’m also happy. I wish you a happy holiday!
  我不是您最出色的学生,而您却是我最崇敬的老师.在您的节日,您的学生愿您永远年轻!I am not your best student, but you are my most respected teacher. At your festival, your students wish you always young!
  恩师掬取天池水,洒向人间育新苗。The teacher took the Tianchi water and sprinkled it on the human seedlings.
  敬爱的老师,您的教诲如春风,似瑞雨,永铭我心.我虔诚地祝福您:安康,如意!Dear teacher, your teachings are like spring breeze, like Ruiyu, Yongming my heart. I sincerely wish you: Ankang, Ruyi!
  您给了我灿灿如金的生活真谛,经过岁月的磨洗,弥久而愈明!You have given me the true meaning of life, and after years of grinding, it has become more and more vivid!
  学而不厌,诲人不倦,桃李芬芳,其乐亦融融。祝福您,节日愉快!I don’t want to learn, I don’t tire, and I’m so sweet and happy. Wish you a happy holiday!
  敬爱的老师,并不是只在今天才想起您,而是今天特别想念您!Dear teacher, I don’t think of you only today, but I miss you today!
  心血育桃李,辛勤扶栋梁。节日快乐,敬爱的老师。Heart and blood, peaches and plums, hard work and support. Happy holidays, dear teacher.
  祝福是真心意,不用千言,不用万语,默默唱着心曲,祝教师节日快乐!Blessing is true, no need to speak a thousand words, no words, silently singing the heart, I wish the teachers a happy holiday!
  春蚕到死丝方尽,蜡炬成灰泪始干。老师,你辛苦了!Spring silkworms go to the dead silk, and the wax torch begins to dry. Teacher, you have worked hard!
  祝愿老师:烦恼无限小,人气节节高。生活不单调,道路不凸凹。每天带着笑,工资还比别人高!Wishing the teacher: The troubles are infinitely small and the popularity is high. Life is not monotonous, and the road is not convex. With a smile every day, the salary is higher than others!
  有一种恩不能忘,那是您的教育之恩;老师,千言万语无法表达对您的感激;送上祝福,祝你教师节快乐!There is a kind of grace that can't be forgotten, that is the grace of your education; the teacher, a thousand words can not express gratitude to you; send a blessing, I wish you a happy Teacher's Day!
  白色的粉笔末,一阵阵的飘落。它染白了您的黑发,却将您青春的绿色映衬得更加浓郁。The end of the white chalk, falling down. It dyes your black hair, but it sets your youthful green to the richer.
  献给敬爱的老师我们搜寻那些美丽耐人的回忆也默默遥远地祝福您永远健康快乐!Dedicated to the beloved teacher, we search for those beautiful and intriguing memories and silently wish you happiness and happiness forever!
  愿欢快的歌声,时刻萦绕着您。愿欢乐年华,永远伴随您。祝您节日愉快!May the cheerful singing, haunting you all the time. May the happy years, always with you. I wish you a happy holiday!
  不管工作有多么的繁忙,只要记得我时刻都在远方关望您、祝福您就好。No matter how busy the work is, just remember that I always look at you from afar and bless you.
  我虔诚得不敢寻觅词汇,因为老师这两个字本身就是世界上最崇高的敬词。I am too devout to look for vocabulary, because the words "teacher" are themselves the most respected words in the world.
  多想再一次注视您的目光,多想再一次倾听您的讲课,衷心道声谢谢,用我所有的真诚。I want to look at your eyes again, I want to listen to your lecture again, thank you heartily, and use all my sincerity.
  如果可以选择,我依然是您离不开的学生;如果可以重来,我一定是您最出色的学生!If you can choose, I am still a student you can't live without; if you can come back, I must be your best student!
  您的学识让我们钦佩,您的为人让我们折服,您的节日让我们共同庆祝!老师,节日快乐!Your knowledge makes us admire, your people let us be impressed, your holiday let us celebrate together! Teacher, happy holidays!
  我虽然不是你最好的学生,但你是我最好的老师。Although I am not your best student, you are my best teacher.
  师恩重如山,学生不敢忘,在即将进入大学的时候,祝福您身体健康,万事如意,桃李满园!The teacher is as important as the mountain, the students can't forget, when you are about to enter the university, I wish you good health, good luck, Tao Li Man Yuan!
  我的灵魂是你净化的,我的天空是你支撑的,老师我一定要给您一片蓝天。祝您幸福健康!My soul is purified by you, my sky is your support, and the teacher must give you a blue sky. I wish you happiness and health!
  您是人类灵魂的工程师,您从事的是太阳底下最光辉的事业,您是社会文明进步的阶梯。You are the engineer of the human soul, you are engaged in the most brilliant cause under the sun, you are the ladder of social civilization progress.
  生命如歌,是您种下了那些音符!深夜的灯光,照亮了您的白发,月日您放假,休息休息吧!Life is like a song, you planted those notes! The lights of the night, illuminate your white hair, you have a holiday on the moon, rest and rest!
  老师,我们诚挚的祝福,就像老树上的翠绿,浓浓密密,与岁月俱增!Teacher, our sincere blessing, just like the green of the old tree, thick and dense, and with the years!
  您是一片神奇的海滩,任我俯拾人世间那些美丽的贝壳。祝您教师节快乐!You are a magical beach, let me look at the beautiful shells of the world. I wish you a happy Teacher's Day!
  祝教师节快乐,永远年轻,并愿阳光般灿烂的笑容永远与你相伴!I wish you a happy Teacher's Day, always young, and a sunny smile will always be with you!
  也许,您不是最优秀的,但在我心中您是最棒的!节日快乐,老师!Maybe you are not the best, but in my heart you are the best! Happy holidays, teacher!
  鲜花、掌声、祝词表达了学生的心愿:老师您辛苦了!学生祝您:天天“九。十”,永远快乐!Flowers, applause, and congratulations express the wishes of the students: the teacher is working hard! Students wish you: "Nine. Ten" every day, always happy!
  阳光普照,园丁心坎春意浓;甘雨滋润,桃李枝头蓓蕾红。祝您节日愉快!The sun shines, the gardener's heart is spring and strong; the rain is moist, and the peach and plum branches are red. I wish you a happy holiday!
  敬爱的老师,您的教导使我认识了如此美丽的世界,您的心血使我感悟到绚丽多彩的人生。Dear teacher, your teaching has made me know such a beautiful world, and your efforts have made me realize the colorful life.
  在不久的将来,无论我成为挺拔的白杨,还是低矮的小草,老师,我都将以生命的翠绿向您致敬!In the near future, whether I become a tall and straight poplar, or a low grass, teacher, I will pay tribute to you with the green of life!
  我是一棵绿树,沐浴着智慧的阳光,在您知识的土壤里,茁壮成长。I am a green tree, bathed in the sunshine of wisdom, thriving in the soil of your knowledge.
  一条短信,有如此多的牵挂,只因它承载了浓浓的祝福:亲爱的老师,您辛苦了。A text message has so many concerns, just because it carries a strong blessing: Dear teacher, you have worked hard.

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